Combustion of Planets

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Vedic Astrology
Chapter 2 : Horoscope Houses
Chapter 3: Planets
Chapter 4 : Planets and it's Properties
Chapter 5: Strength of Planets
Chapter 6 : Friendship of Planets
Chapter 7 : Combustion of Planets
Chapter 8 : Zodiac Sign
Chapter 9 : Mahadasha, Antardasha & Pratyantardasha
Chapter 10: 27 Constellation/Nakshatra
Chapter 11 : D9 & D10 Charts
Chapter 12 : Marriage
Chapter 13: Progeny
Chapter 14: Foriegn Travel
Chapter 15: Vehicle & Property
Chapter 16: Career
Chapter 17: Health

We all know the sun generates a high amount of light that’s why it is also known as King of the Planets. When another Planet comes near to the Sun, due to high light another planet is not able to show their strength. When this happens we say, Planets are combust. Here are the details of planets when they come close and called Combust:


1. MOON: When SUN and MOON are within 12 degree, MOON is considered  combust.


2. MARS: When SUN and MARS are within 17 degrees, MARS is considered as Combust.


3. MERCURY: When SUN and MERCURY are within 13 degree, MERCURY is considered as Combust. But if MERCURY is retrograde then 12 degrees.


4.  JUPITER: When SUN and JUPITER are within 11 degrees, JUPITER is considered as Combust. 


5.  VENUS: When SUN and VENUS are within 9 degrees, VENUS is considered as Combust. But when VENUS is retrograde then 8 degrees.


6.  SATURN: When SUN and SATURN are within 15 degrees, SATURN is considered as Combust.



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