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  • A step by step approach to learn Numerology in a simple way from basics to next level.

  • Learn Science behind Numbers.

  • Calculation of all important numbers & it’s meaning.

  • Learn how to use Numerology in your day to day life to enhance your life.

  • All the details you need to learn Numerology as a beginner.


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Rs. 300/-

Hello Astrology lovers !!!

Everyone is interested in knowing their future and Astrology is the only subject which studies the cosmic science.

There are a lot of people attracted towards astrology with majority inclined towards learning this mystic science. But unfortunately people don't know how to approach astrology as a subject and learn its basic concepts. They must know the tools to explore the cosmic science.

There are several books written on Astrology. Moreover, now days, a lot of website on the internet claim to provide learning Astrology, but lack in the planned systematic approach to beginners quest. Most of the books and internet articles fail to provide the knowledge and the process which would help a beginner learn and further explore Astrology. Because of this, the learner gets tangled in the complex approaches, difficult terminologies and too technical a language and finds the subject of Astrology boring and difficult to grasp. This makes the new learner to quit the subject in between or be confused forever.

I have started this website to keep all these points in mind. I have given importance to the learner and kept away all the topics which are not relevant to learner  from this website. I have put all the topics step by step so that student can learn this mystic subject with interest.

I hope you will enjoy the Astrology subject and explore the cosmic vibration as much as I enjoyed while putting all the topics at one place.

All the very best! Happy Learning!

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