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In Sanskrit Astrology means JYOTISH (Jyoti = light; isha = God)– The ‘lights from God’. Vedic means the science which evolved from Vedas. Vedas are the most ancient Hindus scriptures. Vedas are written in Sanskrit by Hindu Sages more than 5,000 years ago but there is no definite date has been identified. However, the important thing is Vedas are knowledge storehouse, Hindu Sages have put their knowledge in that. These Sages were like our Scientists of now a day. Some people believe that God himself given knowledge to Sages which has been written in Vedas.


I will not go into much details of Vedas instead I will focus more on JYOTISH. As I said JYOTISH is a light from God. Every human being on earth is getting impacted by the Planets and stars in the universe. From modern science perspective, this is still a new subject to work because in modern era we have not done any big research on this.

However, 1998 when Prof Seligman started POSITIVE PHYCOLOGY then there is research started in this area. Our thoughts, Emotions, feelings and minds are responsible for the things which we want in our life. But if we go further into details then we will find these thoughts, emotions, feelings are getting again impacted by planetary movements or planetary force.


In Vedic Astrology, at a time of birth, Astrologer checks what the Constellation that is rising from Eastern horizon. This rising constellation helps astrologers to draw birth chart and decide ‘Ascendant’. This chart helps Astrologers to set up relation between the Planets position and the chart. Using this chart Astrologer is able to find out the personality of the person, physical body, the way he/she will presents him/her to the world. With the help of Mahadasha, Antardasha, pratyantadasha and Transit Astrologer is also able to pin point the events.


Vedic Astrology is different from western Astrology. Vedic Astrology is based on sidereal zodiac while Western astrology based on tropical zodiac. Vedic astrology considers fixed, observable position of the constellation while Western astrology is based on relative and changeable position of the sun.

We all live in the world of Perception. We respond to the situation as per our Perception created in our mind. For a single even everybody respond to the situation as per their Perception. Some body is Happy while some body is Sad. Somebody is in Love while some body is angry. We are just responding to the situation. But From where this Perception get created?


Hindu believes this Perception gets created from our SANSKARAS. But from where this SANSKARAS came from? SANSKARAS built from our SOUL’s experience. Basically, HINDU Philosophy believes in RE-BIRTH. Our SOUL takes BIRTH after BIRTH to get all the experience of our life. There is a PURPOSE in taking Birth. Soul has to go through on particular Path to get the experience. Since we don’t ever try to listed to our true self, our soul do not get all the experience in a single life. The question is, How can we come to know what is the purpose of our SOUL or in other words we can ask What is the purpose of my this BIRTH. Hindu Sages has found this Answer through VEDIC JYOTISH. YES….Using Vedic Jyotish one can come to know the purpose of their soul. Not only this, Vedic Jyotish can help you in finding your True Potential. In hard time it will give you hope because you will come to know the good time is coming. It will tell you the upcoming time is challenging so that you can prepare in advance. Astrology is not just a fortune telling but recognition of your free will.


What is numerlogy ?


As per oxford dictionary Numerology is the branch of knowledge that deals with occult significance of numbers.


In numerology Astrologer relates each numbers and alphabetical characters to particular number and believes that the particular number has some sort of cosmic vibration. As per Hindu astrology, Astrologer builds relation between numbers and alphabetical characters to a particular Number from 1 to 9 and each number from 1 to 9 is represented by Planets. For example: Number 1 represented by Planet Sun, Number 2 represented by Planet Moon etc. These planets (1-9 numbers) are influencing individual’s characteristics.


Chaldean and Pythagorean System


Although the exact origin of Numerology hasn't been truly determined, there are strong clues. The Pythagorean and Chaldean schools of numbers are the most commonly used. Chaldean Numerology is older, but the Pythagorean system of numbers is far more popular especially in the west.


Pythagoras was considered a master mathematician. Born in Greece in the 6th century B.C., he demonstrated a natural gift with numbers. Many people are familiar with his theorems in geometry. However, he is also con­sidered to be the Father of Modern Numerology. It has been recorded that he spent many years of study in Egypt and other parts of the world learning the ancient science of numbers. He later brought this knowledge back to Greece, where he taught for nearly forty years, and established a college and philosophy of numbers that would bear his name to this very day.


It was said that Pythagoras taught in secret. That each student, selected with care, had to go through a five-year period of perfect silence for the purpose of contempla­tion to develop a deep sense of faith. Furthermore, his students had to commit his teachings to memory, for it was forbidden to put any of it in writing. It was only af­ter his death, around the year 500 B.C., that his faithful followers broke with this tradition.


The Chaldean system of numbers—better known as Mystic Numerology—gives us an even stronger clue to the age of this science. Astrology, Numerology, and other occult studies were considered a religion, but not in the way we would know it today. Many Chaldean priests were also famous astrologers. They held the belief that all things were part of Divine Providence, and that the planets were simply heavenly interpreters. In the time of Alexander the Great, around 356 B.C., the Chaldeans be­lieved that their knowledge of Numerology and Astrol­ogy went back at least 473,000 years. Perhaps it was no accident that, in time, Chaldea and the occult became synonymous. The Chaldean system of numbers is still in use today.


There are other schools of Numerology as well, all re­flecting their individual places of origin as well as how they're applied. For instance, there were the ancient Brahmins of India. Cheiro (1866-1936), a leading palm­ist, numerologist, and psychic of his day, credited these mystic men of the East for much of what he knew. In an­cient Japan, there's a system known as Ki, based upon certain numerical patterns found in the birth date. This system is slowly coming back into public notice. Then there is the sacred system of Hebrew Numerology, better known as the Kabalah, which is based upon the mean­ings of letters and sounds. And there's still another sys­tem coming from Africa that uses numbers for divination purposes. No matter what part of the world we look at, there's a system of Numerology that had its beginnings in the dawn of time.


What are the number's in Numerology:


Single digit Number:

Number from 1 to 9 are called single digit number and each number signifies particular properies.


Two digit Number:


Master number

Number 11, 22 and 33 are Master Number, these numbers are very spiritual in nature and it has it's unique characteristics.


Karmic Debt Number

Number 13, 14, 16 and 19 are Karmic Debt Number.




In numerology there are 5 main number which are considered as a CORE NUMBER, it is like building blocks for you. The two numbers comes from your date of birth and three numbers comes from your Name number. The two numbers which comes from your date of birth are


  1. Life path number 

  2. Birth day number


The remaining three numbers are calculated based on your Name. the three numbers comes from your name are


  1. Expression Number

  2. Personality Number

  3. Heart’s desire Number


1. Life Path Number: One of the most important numbers from the perspective of Numerology is Life Path number. With the help of Life Path Number, one can understand their personalities, Challenges and Opportunities one will encounter during this lifetime. Since this is related to your date of birth, this number helps you to identify momentum and direction of your life. 

                Click here for more information about Life path Number


2. Birthday Number: This is another number which deals with your personality and ability to deals with particular area. Life Path Number definitely influences your personality but I have seen Birthday number is influencing your personality more at conscious level.


The Birthday number gets calculated on the day you born. This is one of the number among Core Number. Birthday number  possess some special talent you have. It is a gift to you that will help you along your life’s path. 

Birthday number reveals specific ability that your possess.


Calculating BirthDay number is easy just add your BirthDay till single digit.

For example: if someone born on 23rd then his/her birthday number will be 2+3 =5

                        If someone born on 29th then his/her birthday number will be                                                                                                                                               2+9=11 (Master Number)


However, it has been observed that some one who has born on two different date for example 14 (1+4 =5) and 23 (2+3=5) both have little different characteristics even the single digit number is 5 ;because the two number which occured in their birth date also impacts the result.


3. Expression Number:


The Expression number helps individual to know about their strength and weaknesses. The Life Path number tell’s you life’s lesson and how you handle them while Expression number tells you about your area of natural strength and weaknesses. This number is very important and it should be compatible with your Life Path number. If you life path number tells you goal, this number tells you the ability to achieve that.


The Expression number can be calculated on the basis of alphabetical character  present in your fullname and it tells you the talent and ability you have from your birth.


4. Personality Number


The personality number is the first impression you make on other people. This number telling about the area of yourself which you are usually ready and willing to revel to the world. This number also helps you to determine how much you should reveal and to whom. This number acts as a buffer, screening out some people and situations you don't want to deal with while welcoming the things in life that relate to your inner nature.


To calculate Your Personality number add all the consonants in your name.


5. Heart Desire Number: 


The Heart desire number is what you really want in your life and in your love life as well. This number tells you the reason behind the choice you make in all aspects of your life it is either your career or your relationship this is all about your burning fire within.


To calculate heart desire number you just have to add all the vowel in your name. By knowing Heart desire number you will come to know what you really desire at subconscious level.




Palmistry is a branch of astrology in which Palmist go through lines, mount, marks and shapes of hands to do life analysis and prediction.

Basically, we all are getting cosmic vibration on earth from planets and stars. These cosmic energies impact our day to day life. Thanks to our ancestors who understood these energies and mapped with Numbers, Planets, Palm lines/mounts etc.

In Numerology, Numerologist map cosmic energy to Numbers and they analyze numbers to do life analysis and prediction.

In Vedic Astrology, Astrologer map cosmic energy to Planets/constellation and horoscope houses and do life analysis and prediction.

Like wise in Palmistry, Palmist map cosmic energy to Palm lines, mount, special mark and shapes to do life analysis and prediction.


Why do you need Numerology Report ?

We are continuously getting cosmic vibrations/energies on earth but we do not understand these energies. There are some energy which are in favor of us and there are some which creates challenges.


Thanks to our Ancestors who did research on these energies and categorize each type of energy into particular numbers. I mean each number (& alphabetical character) represents particular types of energy. Once you explore the number, basically you are exploring the energy behind that. Therefore, In numerology we study the relationship of numbers and letters with our life and life events. It is an ancient science which reveals the blueprint of every human being’s life and one of the most accurate and powerful self-help tools available today.


In other words, your numerology report reveals the blueprint of what your soul has pre-chosen to accomplish in this life. One of the benefits of this numerology report is that it can reveal your destiny and life purpose and the life lessons you’ll face along the way, which is valuable information if you want to make the most of your journey. Knowing yourself is the key.


This Numerology report is not only about predicting the future, or choosing the ideal partner, date, or name; It is far more than that,. It’s the bridge between who you are now and who you have the potential to be. It’s a stepping stone that enables you to live your best life and be the best that you can be.

Report Highlights:

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