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A person born with Life Path number 1 is born leader. You always want freedom of thought and action. Once you determined to do anything then you don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way. You are very responsible for the person or task whom you love. You always feel you should be respected and get attention and you feel irritated if you do not see things are going in the way you wanted. You want the commanding position of important undertakings and resist to do a supportive role, you always feel you are someone special and wanted to be in limelight.


You are very creative and you always think out of the box. You are courageous and never afraid to take a difficult path to achieve your goal. You give very high importance to your status and you foster the appearance of success and self-satisfaction. Since you always want to get the attention that strives for growth, success and the finer things in life.


You should be careful about your selfishness, self-importance and an over-concern with appearance. You must prevent overzealous behavior, anger, and aggressiveness. If these qualities are not brought under control, you could become excessively domineering, vindictive and even violent.


You do very well when you take ownership of anything. Ideally, you should be your own boss and you should own business. Be attached to your life’s dream and work with the determination you possess to realize it.


Sometimes you may become overly stressed due to your ambitious nature. Take care of the food you eat and do exercise regularly. This has been observed that competitive sports are a healthy option for this life path number. You can involve in running and swimming.


Don’t allow yourself to be driven by Pride and overconfidence. Remember, your talents and abilities are a gift from a higher source that should promote gratitude and humility rather than pride and self-importance.


This has been observed that Person with Life Path number 1 achieve high feet in life as long as the drive, creativity, originality and pioneering spirit are fully employed. You have multiple talents and potential to get the success as well. You may be attracted to Business, the military or governmental institution as long as you have a leadership role and the possibility to do things your way.


Friendly Number: 2, 3, 9


Enemy Number: 4, 6, 8


Day: Sunday


Color: Gold


Health: Bile (pitta)


Compatible numbers for:


                  Business: 1, 4, 8, 9

                  Marriage: 1, 2, 4, 8, 9

                  Romance: 1, 3, 4, 6, 8


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