Number 5

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These people are very curious and want to get all the experience of life. They love to travel, adventure and meeting new people. These people get involved several things at the same time as long as they are not tied down to one area.



These people do not like monotonous things. They always like change and new things. These people make friends easily and their personality is often inspiring and they easily attract people from all walks of life.


The best occupation suits you which requires travel and verbal skills. I have seen they are doing very well in front of the Audience particularly as master of ceremonies or in comedy.


These people want to get all experience of life and it is very difficult for them to commit to one relationship but once they are committed they have been proven very faithful.


Sometimes these people do things in a very hurry and regret later. These people are multitalented, however; they should understand discipline and focus is the true key to success. Without these many tasks which have been started may remain unfinished. For these types of people, the sky is the limit if they work hard and show perseverance.


These people should not choose their career in a hurry. Since these people love the freedom they always love self-employment. It is very hard for these people to work in only one area. Once these people find exactly what they have to do, then the motivation and inspiration they have given to others return back to them and a lot of friends and colleagues support for their road of success.


This life path number people often have less immunity power, they should regularly do exercise to keep themselves fit and in shape.


These people usually do very well in business.


Friendly Number: 1,4,6


Enemy Number: 2


Day: Wednesday


Color: Green


Health: Balanced


Compatible numbers for:

                   Business: 3,5,9

                   Marriage: 3,5,9

                   Romance: 3,5,6,8



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