Number 6

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Life Path number 6 people are very compassionate and always ready to offer services to others. You always show concern for the weak. You are very helpful and healer as well. You are capable of giving help to whom those are in need and always ready to offer a shoulder for others who are crying.



You always ready to take responsibility and whenever requires to do personal sacrifice to help others you never turn away. Sometimes you might feel overburdened by the number of people you help but the love of those people upon you is itself big rewards for you.



You always try to maintain harmony in your family and proven very good in Marriage. You are very wonderful parents and always offer protection and understanding to children.



You are very generous, kind and attractive. Though you look very humble from outside you carry deep pride inside. You need to be careful about your pride because sometimes your pride gets converted into ego which gives a bad name to you.


This has been observed that these people at a young age choose partners for the wrong reason or wrong desires. In relationship particularly your sentiments influence your decision.



These people are born talented related to the musical and artistic field. I have seen for most of the Actor/Actress, musicians are having somewhere number 6 influencing their life. If you are interested in the Artistic field and want to make your career. You can easily grow in these fields. But remember every big thing requires practice and time.



These people are having some sort of charm and charisma which attracts people, that’s why these people have enormous talent in the business. Apart from Artistic fields and business, you can also do very well in the area of healing, teaching, hospitality, and management.


Friendly Number: 4,5,8


Enemy Number: 1,2


Day: Friday


Color: Silver


Health: Mucus ( Kappaha)


Compatible numbers for:


                              Business: 3,6,9

                              Marriage: 3,6,9

                              Romance: 1,2,5,6,8,9

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