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This has been observed that most of the richest people on earth are having Life path number 8. They have by born leadership quality and capacity to accumulate wealth. They have great management talent in all the areas of life especially in business and financial matters. These people have some sort of intuition and vision which helps them to work on long-range goals and get success. These are the people who understand this material world very well.


These people are visionary and attract financial success more than any other life path number but needless to say, the effort is required.


Number 8 represented by planet Saturn in Hindu astrology. The biggest challenge for these people is to achieve a high degree of detachment. They should understand that money and power should be used for benefit of mankind. Sometimes these people earn money due to greed and do not care other relative things about money that’s why they suffer the consequences and lose all its wealth. But they have the talent to build many successful enterprises.


Though there are lots of difficulties these people get in their life but the end of the day they get satisfaction and power that comes from material wealth.



These people can do very well in the area of business, finance, real estate, law, and management. These people are naturally attracted to positions of influence and leadership in politics, social work, and teachings.




These people are very good at judging people. Due to this talent, they attract the right people in their team. These people have the high desire for luxury and comfort and moreover status is very important for them as well. These people should learn to live within their means.


It has been seen that, to whom they love they are ready to sacrifice anything for them. But at the same time, they hurt mostly them only to whom they love like families and friends.


Number 8 people are represented by Planet Saturn and Saturn is all about discipline, hardship, and law. But sometimes they become stubborn, intolerant and impatient. These people usually have a strong physique but need to take care of diseases related to air like Sinus.



Friendly Number: 4,5,6


Enemy Number: 1,2,9


Day: Saturday


Color: Black


Health: Air (Vata)


Compatible numbers for:


                          Business: 1,2,8

                          Marriage: 1,2,4

                          Romance: 1,2,4,5,7

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