27 Nakshatra / Constellation

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Vedic Astrology
Chapter 2 : Horoscope Houses
Chapter 3: Planets
Chapter 4 : Planets and it's Properties
Chapter 5: Strength of Planets
Chapter 6 : Friendship of Planets
Chapter 7 : Combustion of Planets
Chapter 8 : Zodiac Sign
Chapter 9 : Mahadasha, Antardasha & Pratyantardasha
Chapter 10: 27 Constellation/Nakshatra
Chapter 11 : D9 & D10 Charts
Chapter 12 : Marriage
Chapter 13: Progeny
Chapter 14: Foriegn Travel
Chapter 15: Vehicle & Property
Chapter 16: Career
Chapter 17: Health

27 Nakshatra / Constellation



We have seen there are 12 zodiac signs and each zodiac signs are divided into 30 degree. Like wise we have 27 Nakshatra (constellation) which are equally divided into 13 degree 20 minutes. In this way within each zodiac sign there are constellations. Each Nakshatra has division of 13 degree 20 minutes starting from zero degree Aries and ending 30 degree Pisces.


The Nakshatra have reference in Rig Veda. Vedas are old hindu scriptures written in Sanskrit by hindu sages. There is no exact time when these vedas have been written but expected time is about 5,000 years ago. The nakshatras are like the zodiacal signs but more specific. Their meanings are derived from the fixed stars and the mythology behind these portions in the sky. They are rich in meaning and have ruling deities that reveal the stories or myths that bring to life the symbology referred to in our own lives.


The moon moves approximately 13 degree 20 minutes each day and stays in one Nakshatra each day that’s why Nakshatra’s are referred as a lunar mansions. In any horoscope any planet the Nakshatra they are placed in, provides deep information related to that house (life events) and also the house that planets rules.

The concept of Nakshatras is used in Vedic Astrology for accurate predictions and astrological analysis. Janamanakshtra is the Nakshatra in which the Natal Moon is placed at the time of birth. Janamnakstra gives an insights to one's thinking patterns, characterstics of the person and calculating the dasha period.

A person’s natal Moon in a Nakshatra will give them a particular power that will give birth to situations, attitudes and circumstances. The Moon, being mind and consciousness, is so important in determining the attitude and general characteristics of a person as well as their strength and weaknesses.


As per our Hindu Mythology, Moon had married all the 27 daughters of King Dakshan, who are the 27 nakshatras in the sky. But, Moon loved to spend time with only one his beloved queen Rohini Nakshtara, which is also the exaltation point for Moon. Other wives (Nakshtras) complained to their father (King Dakshan), repeated requested to Moon by King was unable to change Moon's nature, finally King Dakshan got angry and cursed Moon, causing it to wane in size. Moon started diminishing in size. Since the consequences of this was not good, all Devas intervened and requested King Dakshan to withdraw the curse. King was given assurance that Moon will visit all his wives, since the curse cannot be revoked completely, King Dakshan said Moon will regained his strength for half a month, that is the reason Moon transits all 27 nakshtras in a month, completing the zodiac orbit causing Amavasya and Poornima by waxing and waning in size.



Nakshatra and it's properties:


1. ASVINI :Star of Transport : 

Power that sets things in motion Journey from Darkness to Light, Miraculous healingTransportation.


Person born under this Constellation will be beautiful/handsome, intelligent, rich, strong physique and lucky.

2. BHARANI : Star of Restraint : 

JUSTICE, DISCIPLINE, Truth, Power to withstand onslaught of great force Forbearance, EnduranceMaker of Saints.

Person born under this Constellation are truth speaker, always showing noble thought, healthy, willing to travel forign land, Good time usually comes little late.

3. KRITTIKA :Star of Fire : 

BURNER OF IMPURITIES Military strategist, Monumental Deeds, BRILLIANCE Encyclopedic exposition of all branches of learning.

Person born under this constellation usually do work as per their wish, artistic and very smart in making friendship specially opposite sex.

4. ROHINI : Star of Ascent : 

SENSUAL EXCESS, Fulfillment of desires, Love of finery & comfort, Power of manifestation, creativity.

Person born under this Constellation will be Beautiful/Handsome, Intelligent, Truth speaker, soft speaking, sharp intellect, and Rich.

5. MRIGASIRA : Searching Star : 

Search or Hunt, Erotic affair Radiant beauty, feminine attributes, maternal instincts cruelty.

Person born under this Constellation will be Fickle minded, clever, selfish, very smart in finalizing any deal, high lust.

6. ARUDRA : Oppressing Star : 

Rudra = redemption of sin by dissolving abbreviated manifestation back into underlying unmanifest reality. Tenderness born of great suffering. Surcharged with water (emotion). Water retention: Fat.

Person born under this Constellation will be Good will power, Intelligent, shows moral less thoughts, spendthrift, difficult to save money.

7. PUNARVASU : Star of Renewal : 

Perennial well spring of energy and intelligence. Infinite renewal. Life orchestrating circumstances that inculcate this habit/skill of constantly curving back to tap the inner reservoir. Renewal of dwelling/riches Reform or remake in original image.

Person born under this Constellation will be Beautiful/Handsome, intelligent, scholar, peaceful, happy, enjoying parenthood specially Son.

8. PUSHYA : Flourishing Star :

Blossoming, blooming, nurturing, nourishing (heart of Cancer) Love of ritual worship. Most auspicious.

Person born under this Constellation will be Beautiful/Handsome, peaceful, religious, scholar, skillful, studious, rich.

9. ASLESHA : Clinging Star : 

The ability to go where others cannot go (knowledge of hidden things) Tortuous path. Snake attributes: clinging, secretive, venomous, biting, sexual, uniting in secret.

Person born under this Constellation will be Cruel nature, bad mind, lie speaker, cunning.

10. MAGHA : Glorious One :

Noble incentives. Patriarch. Nourishing and terrible (thunder cloud). Kingliness of Leo (largess, pomp etc.).

Person born under this Constellation will be clever, well mannered, high lust, involve in material world, rich, have servant and vehicles.

11. PURVA PHALGUNI : Star of fortune :

 At once the source of all material affluence while immovably grounded in transcendental non-material reality. Gift of through participations in sensory / material realm without becoming slave to passion. Tantra. Awareness = "lamp at the door" lights inner and outer simultaneously.

Person born under this Constellation will be Educated, skilled, serious, Rich.

12. UTTARA PHALGUNI : Star of Patron :

 Patron = one approached for financial help or relief in sickness. Bestows popularity. The sincere impulse to help others.

Person born under this Constellation will be Truth speaker, soft speaker, courageous, control over senses and sharp mind and intelligence.

13. HASTA :Clutching Hand:

POWER TO RULE/CONTROL OTHERS for higher purpose. Determination or resolution to bring people/circumstances under one's control. Martialling of disparate forces or energy.

Person born under this Constellation will be speaks lie, head of community, characterless, if he serves in military then can get high post.

14. CHITRA : Star of Wonder :

Artistic beauty, dazzling, fashioned/manufactured. Will to undergo trials necessary to attain goal of perfection (diamond/lathe) In Virgo may be engineering skill. Libra = artist.

Person born under this Constellation will be Intelligent, Courageous, religious, enjoy company of wife and children.

15. SWATI : Self Going Star:

 Restless, independent, freedom loving, coming & going according to own will. Self establishing, self supporting. Purifying. Knowledge of akasha (ether). Windy diseases.

Person born under this Constellation will be Intelligent, clever, well mannered, religious, get love from people.

16. VISAKHA : Star of Purpose :

 Achievement of purpose irrespective of means employed. End justifies means. Pursuit of self interest. Associating with others solely to achieve end in view. Variety of enterprise. Obedience to religious injunction.

Person born under this Constellation will be high lust, greedy, egoistic, average intelligent level.

17. ANURADHA : Calling to Action:

Friendship, love, affection, camaraderie. Associating with others for a common end – emphasis on association VS outcome (compare 16).

Person born under this Constellation will be Courageous, intelligent, Scholar, skilled, loves travel.

18. JYESHTA :The Chief Star :

First, pre-eminent, most excellent, eldest, senior most.Supremacy, power, dominion(afflicted = sorrow, poverty).

Person born under this Constellation will be live life as per religious guideline, peaceful nature, beautiful face, skilled.

19. MULA : The Root Star :

Stripping externals; opposed to worldly prosperity. penetrating to fundamentals, essentials re: all branches of learning – philosophers, scientists etc., Basic in nature: bound, finite, limited. TRADITION.

Person born under this Constellation will be Clever, very smart in public speaking, helpful nature, nature lover, rich and receives name and fame.


 Protection of dependent, kindness, compassion. Firmness in danger, courage never to yield, to prevail, victory. Forbearance ability to endure. To spread over/cover like water.

Person born under this Constellation will be Intelligent, helpful nature, try to finish work by himself/herself, generous, Cynosure of all sights, Lucky.


Universal social appealPenetration/intention VS extensiveness (compare 20). To become one with, absorbed into, settle into.

Person born under this Constellation will be Soft hearted, peaceful, courageous, intelligent, scholar, popular, enjoy happiness, high lust.

22. SRAVANA : Star of learning:

Sravana = to hear (learning = listening). One who is listened to with respect by others. Love of scholarship, all branches of learning.Aural transmission. Inner listening/meditation. Fringe dweller.Saraswati’s birth star.

Person born under this Constellation will be Beautiful/handsome, shows gratitude, serious, speaks a lot, shows interest in music, math and astrology.

23. DHANISTHA : Star of Symphony :

Higher altruistic (artistic, musical) orientation precludes carnality. Delayed/unhappy romance (more in Capricorn). Temperamental incompatibility. Giver of what is highly valued. Singing, sonorous, melodious.

Person born under this Constellation will be Shows interest in music, get respect from siblings, rich, religious, receives name and fame.

24. SATABHISHA :  The Veiling Star:

Protect, shield, conceal, obstruct(affliction often = child abuse)Healing that which is protected Physician, watery ailments Oceans, rivers & waters.

Person born under this Constellation will be Intelligent, clever, drugs addict, willingness to stay in foreign land.

25. PURVA BHADRA : Scorching Pair:

PURGATORIAL FIRE, contrition, atonement. Scorching, paining, consuming desire, unsatisfied ambitionNo satisfaction(heart of K self abnegation).

Person born under this Constellation will be always feel sleepy, speaks a lot, enjoy parenthood, average family life.

26: UTTARA BHADRA : Scorching Pair:

Same as 25 but with power to endure & restrain. Long journey. Journey towards spiritual plane – end of illusion (maya) cultivation of higher character qualities.

Person born under this Constellation will be Beautiful, courageous, fair face, religious, get victory over enemy, rich and enjoy parenthood.

27.  REVATI : Keeper of Flocks :

Shepherd. Foster parent, incubator. Protector & nurturer of others on their journey.  Difficulty with own children, diseases of childhood

Progress in jumps.

Person born under this Constellation will be Intelligent, Scholar, rich, Brilliant, Versatile

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