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Numerology & You




If you are a beginner or want to use Numerology in your daily life to enhance your lifestyle. THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. This book provides step by step approach to learning/implement Numerology that can be used to enhance our daily life.


Who should buy this book

If you are new to astrology/numerology world and looking for simple and step by step approach to learn Numerology. This book is for you.

If you are looking for the science behind Numbers which can help you in enhancing your life this book will help you.

Learn the calculation and meaning of your Life path number, Birthday number, Expression number (Name Number), Hidden passion number, Karmic lesson number, Personality number, Heart desire number, Karmic Debt number, Challenge number, Pinnacle number, Essence Cycle, Personal Year number and Many more number.

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Author : Jayant Kumar


Everyone is interested in knowing their future and Astrology is the only subject which studies the cosmic science. A lot of people attracted towards astrology and want to explore this mystic science.But unfortunately people don’t know how to approach astrology as a subject and learn its basic concepts. I believe they must know the tools to explore the cosmic science.There are several books written on Numerology. Moreover, now days, a lot of website on the internet claim to provide teaching Numerology, but they lack in the planned systematic approach to beginners quest. 

Most of the books and internet articles fail to provide the knowledge and the process which would help a beginner to learn and further explore Numerology.

Because of this, the learner gets tangled in the complex approaches, and finds the subject of numerology boring and difficult to grasp. This makes the new learner to quit the subject in between or be confused forever. I have written this book to keep all these points in mind.

With my 15+ years of Numerology experience, I have given importance to the learner and kept away all the topics which are not relevant to the learner from this book.

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Numerology Book Contents

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Numerology

Chapter 2 : Numbers & You

Chapter 3 : Number 1

Chapter 4 : Number 2

Chapter 5 : Number 3

Chapter 6 : Number 4

Chapter 7 : Number 5

Chapter 8 : Number 6 

Chapter 9 : Number 7

Chapter 10 : Number 8

Chapter 11 : Number 9

Chapter 12 : Number 11

Chapter 13: Number 22

Chapter 14: Number 33

Chapter 15 : Karmic Debt Number

Chapter 16: Your Challenge Number


Chapter 17 : Your Pinnacle Number

Chapter 18 : Your Personal Year Number

Chapter 19 : Career, Health, Relationship & Finance Analysis

Chapter 20 : Frequently Asked Question 

Chapter 21 : How to do Numerology Analysis for any Individual

Chapter 22 : Numerology & Day to Day life

Chapter 23 : Number & Planets

Chapter 24 : Number at a Glance - Positive & Negative


What People say about my book !

"Sir I have read you book and seriously I have learn many things which you mentioned. You have kept the book very simple so that people like us can easily grab it and understand it. Thank You for wonderful book on numerology."


                                                                                --Harshal Shikarkhane


Sir, I have read your book and seriously I have learned many things which you have mentioned. You have kept the book very simple so that people like us can easily grab it understand it. Thank you for a wonderful book on Numerology.


—  Harshal Shikarkhane

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