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18 Classes

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Numerology Learning Course is an 18-Session program where a student will learn from basic to advance level Numerology including Pythagorean, Chaldean, and Horary (Prashna). Study material will be provided to all the students and Recording of the session will be available for future reference.

**18-session Program

**Study Material available

**Video recording of each session for future reference

**2 months follow up support over email/Webinar




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  1. Introduction to Numerology

  2. Pythagorean Vs Chaldean System

  3. Calculation and Significance of CORE NUMBER

  4. Single-digit and Double-digit numbers

  5. Karmic Debt Number

  6. Challenge Number

  7. Pinnacle Number

  8. Essence Cycle Number

  9. Personal Year Number, Personal Month and Personal Day number

  10. How to do Chart Analysis and Prediction for any individual using the Pythagorean method



     After completion of Module 1: 


  1. A student will be able to understand the difference between Pythagorean and Chaldean system and when to use it.

  2. A student will be able to calculate an important number of any individual and able to predict their personality in detail.

  3. He/she will be able to tell how will be the particular year of any individual.

  4. He/she will be able to suggest what are the challenges any individual is facing due to his numbers.

  5. He/she will be able to predict the future year that will be good for any individual.





  1. Single-digit number

  2. Compound number

  3. How to prepare Numerology Chart

  4. Number combination and its significance

  5. Sun sign (Zodiac Sign analysis)

  6. Name analysis in details

  7. Corporate Name analysis

  8. City, country, car number, house number analysis

  9. Health Analysis in details

  10. Love and Relationship analysis in details

  11.  Matchmaking

  12. Marriage Time

  13. Year Analysis and Prediction

  14. Good year for career, Finance and other aspects of life

  15. Lucky number, lucky color analysis

  16. How to do Chart analysis and Prediction using the Chaldean method



     After completion of Module 2:


  1. A student will be able to understand the Chaldean system in details and when to use it.

  2. A student will be able to analyze an individual’s chart and predict on the basis of its date of birth.

  3. He/she can do Name analysis and also suggest if any modification requires in the name.

  4. He/she can do Health Analysis and provides valuable suggestions.

  5. He/she can do marriage Matchmaking and also provide details of an individual marital relationship.

  6. He/she can predict the future Year and provide details of which year will be good for Career, Finance and other important years.

  7. He/she can also analyze lucky numbers and colors and also able to do an analysis of the Flat number, car number, mobile number, etc.





  1. There are some questions that cannot be answered using Individual’s chart, for example, Going to a particular place will be beneficial for me or not? So these types of questions can be only answered through Prashna.

  2. Learn to answer user’s specific questions related to Education, Finance, Career, Marriage, Health, Lost things,  Desires fulfillment,  children, missing person, etc. using Numbers.



After completion of Module 3:


  1. A student will be able to answer individual specific questions.

  2. He/ she can also answer questions without knowing the individual's date of birth. 

Course Contents

Class 1 : Topics covered 


1. Introduction to Numerology.

2. Pythagorean Vs Chaldean

3. How to calculate Life path number, Birthday number, Expression number,

    Personality Number, Heart Desire number.

4. How to calculate Karmic Lesson Number & Hidden Passion number

5. How to Calculate Karmic Debt Number


Class 2 : Topics covered 


1. A holistic view of Pythagorean Numerology.

2. Challenge Number

3. Pinnacle number

4. Essence Cycle number

5. Personal Year number, Personal Month number, Personal day number.

6. Example.

7. The significance of numbers.


Class 3 : Topics covered 


1. Understand Numbers in details.

2. The significance of Numbers from 1 to 9 & 11,22,33.


Class 4 : Topics covered 


1. Essence cycle number in details.

2. Revision & Practice


Class 5 : Topics covered 


1. 12 Zodiac sign in details.

2. Revision & Practice


Class 6 : Topics covered 


1. Chaldean Numerology: Single digit & double-digit

2. How to prepare & analyze the chart.

3. Number combination & its significance.

2. Pinnacle number, challenge number, Essence cycle number examples.

3. How to use these numbers in chart analysis.

4. Calculating Year number & Mahadasha number using Chaldean numerology.


Class 7: Topics covered 


1. Chaldean Numerology: Chart preparation & analysis

2. The relationship between Planets & Numbers

3. Planet of expression

4. Ultimate number

5. Essence cycle example 


Class 8 : Topics covered 


1. How to analyze Individual personality.

2. How to check the chart and do the prediction.

3. Health Analysis.



Class 9: Topics covered 


1. Health Analysis using Ayurveda.

2. The significance of Date, Month and year in date of birth.

3. Practice & Revision.



Class 10: Topics covered 


1. Relationship/Compatibility Analysis: Numerology.

2. Remedies

3. Spirituality

4. Finding an important age of your life.

5. Finance analysis.

6. Correlating numbers

7. Practice session


Class 11: Topics covered 


1. House Number, Car number, Phone number analysis

2. City, country analysis

3. Lucky Numbers, days, dates, colors

4. Signature

5. Practice & Revision.



Class 12 : Topics covered 


1. Name Analysis

2. Corporate Name Analysis

3. Revision & Practice


Class 13 : Topics covered 


1. Introduction to Vedic Astrology.

2. Understand Ascendant in details

3. Understand 12 Houses



Class 14 : Topics covered 


1. Vedic Astrology continued..

2. Significance of Houses

3. Significance of planets

4. The significance of zodiac sign

5. How to analyze planets & ev



Class 15 : Topics covered 


1. Prashna: Ruling Planets

2. Examples & Practice session


Class 16 P1 : Topics covered 


1. Prashna: Ruling Planet



Class 16 P2 : Topics covered 


1. Bhrigu Naadi Continued..

2. The significance of Houses & Planets

3. Education: How to check education

4. Marriage: How to check Marriage related details.​

5. Revision & Practice session


Class 17 : Topics covered 


1. Bhrigu Naadi Continued...

2. Jupiter Transit significance over all the planets

2. Saturn Transit significance over all the planets

3. Rahu/Ketu Transit significance over all the planets



6. Revision & Practice session



Class 18: Topics covered 


1. Remedies

2. Basics of Vaastu

3. Numerology & Vaastu

    Personality Number, Heart Desire number.

4. Revision of previous concepts


About Tutor

Jayant Kumar

Jayant Kumar is a Software Engineer by profession. He has completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication Engineering and Executive management program from IIM-C (Indian Institute of Management Calcutta). He has an immense interest in Astrology and wants to see pious Astrology more as a scientific and spiritual way that can be used for the betterment of our lives. He has been practicing different branches of Astrology like Horoscope, palmistry, Prashna sashtra, and Numerology for the last sixteen years. His sixteen years of research in astrology have encouraged him to start AstroBasic website to share his Astrology experiences with the world. He is a certified Pranic healer and believes in a Vedantic philosophy of spirituality. He is an Author of a Numerology Book "Numerology & You". He enjoys playing Tabla (Indian Classical musical instrument) and passionate about history, mythology and philosophy, finding beauty and meaning in all religions.

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It was a really good experience learning numerology from him.he has an accurate knowledge of all the numerology systems and numbers. he taught us in a simple way. he shared his well-reaserched knowledge with us. he is helpful always and the best teacher.


—  Sima Hora

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