Numerology Learning Course

In numerology Astrologer relates each numbers and alphabetical characters to particular number and believes that the particular number has some sort of cosmic vibration.

One of the most important number from the perspective of Numerology is Life Path number. With the help of Life Path Number, one can understand their personalities, Challenges and Opportunities one will encounter during this lifetime.

Karmic Number (Name Number) helps you to identify the area of interests/strength and area of weeknesses.

Person born with Life Path number 1 are born leader. You always want freedom of thoughts and action. Once you determined to do anything then you don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way.

Person born with Life path number 2 are extremely sensitive, insightful and a bit shy. Peculiar thing is these qualities are working as your strength and weakness both.

The first thing comes to my mind when I see Life Path number 3 is a talent of Self-expression of thoughts. This has been observed that most of the famous writers, poets, actors and musicians are born under the Life path number 3.

The Life Path number 4 people are very clear about right and wrong. They are very practical and down to earth. These people take step by step rationale approach to solve the problem

These people are very curious and want to get all experience of life. They love travel, adventure and meeting new people. These people get involved several things at the same time as long as they are not tied down to one area.

Life Path number 6 people are very compassionate and always ready to offer services to others. You always show concern for the weak. You are very helpful and healer as well.

Life path number 7 people are very spiritual in nature. They devote themselves to the unknown and try to find answer to the mysteries of life. They are seeker of truth.

This has been observed that, most of the richest people on earth are having Life path number 8. They have by born leadership quality and capacity to accumulate wealth.

In Hindu Astrology Number 9 represented by planet Mars. Mars is all about Courage, energy, passion, anger etc. Number 9 people are deeply concerned about the state of the world.

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