Palmistry Head Line

Headline: This is another important line in Palmistry. This line will help you in analyzing how your intellect is and how you are interacting with this world. This mind only tells us about good or bad in this world. Any sign on the headline, supporting lines from the headline or even headline direction gives important clue about your life. Watch this video and refer the below article to know more.

 A. HeadLine starting from the lower mars (Mangal) represents the unstable mind personality and the person will be short-tempered.


B. Straight and clear headline denotes the person with a peaceful mind and active with the brain.


C. Headline turning towards Saturn mount shows that the person is attracted towards music, art or spiritual field.

A. A headline starting just from lifeline starting point indicates that a person is sharp-minded and can be an actor, teacher or spiritual guru.


B. HeadLine starting from Jupiter mount indicates that a person is ambitious and his talk is logical. 

A. The headline is straight at starting and takes slope in the end it means the person is good in nature and peaceful in daily life.


B. The headline has taken a big slope it indicates that the person is an imaginary personality and will get success in the creative writing and acting field.


C. The headline has taken big slope and starting from mars area then the person will get success in business and will be a business-minded man. 

A. Headline near to heart line presents that person will take decisions with his heart, not by mind.


B. Headline going towards moon mount represents that the person is an art-loving and take interest in mantra and tantra Shastras as well.


C. If a line coming from Headline meets with the heart line it indicates that the person will be badly attracted towards the opposite sex and his/her dignity can be lost in society. 

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