Palmistry Life Line

Study of LifeLine is one of the important parts of Palm analysis. Your complete life analysis and events related to your life can be done using LifeLine analysis. The marks, connecting lines and another line that is crossing  Lifeline provides additional clue what are the events going to happen in your life at a particular age. Watch this video to know more.

A. Lifeline and headlines are starting together it means the person will gain success with their efforts and having confidence but little emotional at the same time.


B. Lifeline and the headline has a gap, it denotes the overconfidence, talkative person and not listening to others. the person will be free minded and fail in service( Job).

A. Lines going from lifeline towards sun mount represents the leadership quality in a person.


B. LifeLine moving towards mercury mount means success in business.


C. Lifeline is dividing into two parts and  one part going towards moon mount it denotes the travel-loving person

A. Island on lifeline represents the illness or bad time in that lifespan.


B. Square in the lifeline represents the safety of any upcoming problems.


C. The chain on lifeline denotes the problem in getting success and continuous illness and mental tension in that lifespan.

A. A parallel line just to lifeline means the person is calm minded and a good decision-maker.


B. Vertical lines on lifelines represent the success in life, empowerment and monetary gain in that lifespan.

A. Lifeline starting just from thumb means the person will face problem in having a kid.


B. Lifeline starting from Jupiter mount denotes the ambition from little age.


But if Lifeline's headline and heart lines are meeting each other it denotes an unlucky,  short-tempered and foolish person. 

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