Palmistry Introduction

Palmistry is an old science and as per Oxford dictionary: 

Palmistry is an art or practice of supposedly interpreting a person's character or predicting their future by examining the palm of their hand.


1. Three Main Line:

Life Line: Gives information about age, disease and major accident.

Heart Line: Gives information about chest and heart.

Head or Brain Line: This line tells about the mental status of the person.


2. Three Sub Lines

Fate Line: It indicates the luck and financial position.


SunLine: It indicates the service yoga and leadership.

It is related to business yoga, public speaking Mercury Line: and health.


3. Specific Line:

Specific lines are not mandatory to be present but very effective if it is present in Palm.

This line is very rare but if it is present it gives extra luck, richness and also protects Mars Line: a person from a major accident from fire & Water.

Gives information about Education Line: the education of a person.

Foreign Line: This line tells about long & Foreign travel.

It indicates Enemy Line: about our enemy activities and the downfall of our life.

Victory Lines: It indicates the judgment in favor of us in court and society.

Tension Line: These lines associated with mental stress and problem in life.


4. Extra Lines: 

Marriage Line: It indicates the marriage age, number of marriage and married life.

These lines represent about Children Line: a number of children and their gender also.


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