Palmistry Marks & Shape

Marks or special sign on Palm or on your nails gives better insight to Palmist to do prediction. These marks are working as a catalyst that is enhancing/reducing the result of particular events. Watch this video to know more about what are different marks and sign and how it is impacting your life.

Squares: Square is a positive sign on the palm and indicates protection, especially when they appear around line breaks. It indicates good luck from outside forces, for example, one’s guardian angel, guru or spiritual guide.


Triangles: Triangles are very lucky markings and indicate huge success. They indicate that the individual has an ability to analyze situations effectively and has the brainpower to accomplish multiple things. When they appear on specific lines, they strengthen the qualities of that line. They can also be symbolic of someone who is spiritual.


For example, a triangle on sun line indicates huge fame at a national or international level and if it is at Jupiter mount it indicates the spiritual up gradation of a person.


Circle: Circle represents the eye related problems anywhere situated in the palm.


Islands: Island indicates unfavorable conditions in life. It indicates stressful periods in career or by some person in a relationship. It also indicates weakness in health. Island on Life Line is dangerous and can lead to situations of suicide.


Crosses: Crosses are an indication of long-lasting problems and issues. They also represent major changes in your life. It also represents outside influences that are causing stress to you.
Crosses are also indicators of your state of mind and how you are going to handle your spiritual life. It gives good results when only situated at Jupiter mount. 


Tridents: A trident on the palm is also a very lucky marking. It always increases the qualities of the lines or mounts it appears on. It even has a positive effect on the neighboring mounts. It brings good fortune and you will be happy, healthy and wealthy in your life.


Tassles: Tassels indicate confusion about a particular situation or problem. They also indicate a physical, emotional or spiritual downfall. It is often found at the end of the lifeline as individual ages.


Branched or supporting Lines: Upward branched or supporting lines can indicate that you have overcome some of life’s roadblocks with your own determination. Downward or horizontal branched line indicates a problem in life.


Net or Grilles: Grilles appear most often on the mounts of a palm. They indicate negative sign and represent problems and adjustments. Grille indicates interruptions in a person’s advancement. Grill represents continually exhausted by various anxieties in life


Fish: It is very good sign related to money, luxury, and spiritual up gradation.

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