Palmistry Marriage Lines

Marriage Line: Marriage line signifies events related to Marriage. The distance between Heart line & Marriage line helps palmist to decide when exactly marriage will happen. The direction, source, Shape& Marks online also influence and confirms the result. Learn more about Marriage line by watching this video and referring below articles.

A. A line coming through palm cuts the marriage line indicates that the marriage will not be successful.

A. Single marriage line is good for successful marriage.

A. Branch in marriage line indicates misunderstanding between wife and husband.

A. If marriage line inclined towards upside indicates that the person will be unmarried or will not be interested in marriage.

A.  Multiple marriage lines do not indicate multiple marriages, we should consider upper and longest line among all the marriage line as a marriage line.

A.  A line going from moon mount towards marriage line indicates that the person will get success after marriage. 

A.  If marriage line cuts the sun line indicates that person will loss their reputation after marriage or from marriage. 

A.  Cross sign at the end of marriage line indicates problems in marriage life.

A.  If marriage line cuts the headline it indicates that the divorce with a court case.  

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