Palmistry Travel (Yatra) Lines

Travel Line or Yatra Rekha: In palmistry, Travel line tells us about the major journey happen in some one's life. It tells about whether the person will go abroad or it is a long journey within the country. This line also provides information about whether the journey is related to profession, study or for other activities. Watch this video to know more.

1. Lines on Moon mount represents the travel /foreign travel.


2. The first part of Moon mount represents the art & creativity.


3. The second part represents about travel.


4. Third part of moon mount represents about addictions and habits.

1. Travel Line represents the foreign travel and when it meets with fate line it indicates the money gain from a foreign land.

1. Well developed moon mount and a line coming from Venus mount to moon mount by crossing the life line, it indicates that the person will stay in a foreign land and make his house and property there.

1. A Line from moon mount to Mercury mount indicates that the person will go to foreign country for study.

1. A travel line meets from moon mount to heart line it indicates that the person will be in love relation during his foreign trip or get married there.

1. A Travel Line from moon mount to Rahu mount indicates that the person will go to foreign land and involve in some terrorist activities/Criminal activities and will disturb the law and order of the foreign country.

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