Going to new place without a roadmap makes you roam here and there and there are high chances you will not be able to achieve the purpose of your visit. In a same way astrobasic Numerology report provides you the roadmap and provides you blueprint of your life.  This report helps you to know about all your important number and what it signifies in your your life. This report is designed to improve your life. We beleive Knowing yourself is the key.


  • Details analysis of all your important Numerology numbers at one place.
  • Significance of Numerology Numbers.
  • A deep insight about your life pattern including Health, Love, Career and opportunities.
  • Your Life path, Special Skill, your strength, Area of improvements, your personality to the world and your Heart desire.
  • Your complete life span is divided into four parts and each part creates unique challenge and opportunity for you.  Challenge number and Pinnacle number for all the four cycle.
  • Year 2017 and 2018 analysis as per your Birth detail and name.
  • Detail analysis of your Life path number, Birthday number, Expression number, Hidden passion number, Karmic lesson number, Personality number, Heart desire number, Karmic Debt number, Challenge number, Pinnacle number and Personal Year number.

Numerology Report (Rs 99 / USD $2)

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