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Life is all about "BALANCE"

Live your life with more meaningful way by understanding Law of Universe

Life is all about BALANCE : Understand the law of Universe. Life is not about reaching or getting particular things. Life is all about BALANCE. Make your success more meaningful. Get the max out of your Life by understanding BALANCE between your WORK, MONEY, HEALTH, RELATIONSHIP and SELF.


One solution for all the problem

The best gift you can give it to yourself

This video tells about a technique which can solve most of the problem of our life. I believe this is one of the best gift you can give it to yourself.

Shreyash & Preyash

A Decision making tool

Even after taking decision you are not able to complete your task; then maximum chances are there is a problem in your decision making process. Learn how to make decision and accomplish your task. Decision is not about choosing what to do its also about what not to do. learn more in this video

Importance of Guru in our Life

If you have big dreams/Goals in your life then find your Guru first before working on your path. GuRu is made up of two words, Gu + Ru; Gu means darkness and Ru means remover. Guru is the person who removes darkness from our life.

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