About Vedic Astrology:

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Vedic Astrology
Chapter 2 : Horoscope Houses
Chapter 3: Planets
Chapter 4 : Zodiac Sign
Chapter 5 : Planets and Their Property
Chapter 6 : Mahadasha, Antardasha & Pratyantardasha
Chapter 7 : D9 & D10 Charts
Chapter 8 : Marriage
Chapter 9: Progeny
Chapter 10: Foriegn Travel
Chapter 11: Vehicle & Property
Chapter 12: Career
Chapter 13: Health
Chapter 1 : Introduction to Vedic Astrology
Chapter 2 : Horoscope Houses
Chapter 3: Planets
Chapter 4 : Planets and it's  Properties
Chapter 5: Strength of Planets
Chapter 6 : Friendship of Planets
Chapter 7 : Combustion of Planets
Chapter 8 : Zodiac Sign
Chapter 9 : Mahadasha, Antardasha & Pratyantardasha
Chapter 10: 27 Constellation/Nakshatra
Chapter 11 : D9 & D10 Charts
Chapter 12 : Marriage
Chapter 13: Progeny
Chapter 14: Foriegn Travel
Chapter 15: Vehicle & Property
Chapter 16: Career
Chapter 17: Health

In Sanskrit Astrology means JYOTISH (Jyoti = light; isha = God)– The ‘lights from God’. Vedic means the science which evolved from Vedas. Vedas are the most ancient Hindus scriptures. Vedas are written in Sanskrit by Hindu Sages more than 5,000 years ago but there is no definite date that has been identified. However, the important thing is Vedas are knowledge storehouse, Hindu Sages have put their knowledge in that. These Sages were like our Scientists of now a day. Some people believe that God himself given knowledge to Sages which has been written in Vedas.


I will not go into much details of Vedas instead I will focus more on JYOTISH. As I said JYOTISH is a light from God. Every human being on earth is getting impacted by the Planets and stars in the universe. From a modern science perspective, this is still a new subject to work because in the modern era we have not done any big research on this.

However, 1998 when Prof Seligman started POSITIVE PHYCOLOGY then there is research started in this area. Our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and minds are responsible for the things which we want in our life. But if we go further into details then we will find these thoughts, emotions, feelings are getting again impacted by planetary movements or planetary force.


In Vedic Astrology, at a time of birth, Astrologer checks what the Constellation that is rising from the Eastern horizon. This rising constellation helps astrologers to draw the birth chart and decide ‘Ascendant’. This chart helps Astrologers to set up a relation between the Planets position and the chart. Using this chart Astrologer is able to find out the personality of the person, physical body, the way he/she will present him/her to the world. With the help of Mahadasha, Antardasha, pratyantadasha and Transit Astrologer is also able to pinpoint the events.


Vedic Astrology is different from Western Astrology. Vedic Astrology is based on sidereal zodiac while Western astrology based on the tropical zodiac. Vedic astrology considers fixed, an observable position of the constellation while Western astrology is based on a relative and changeable position of the sun.


We all live in the world of Perception. We respond to the situation as per our Perception created in our mind. For a single, even everybody responds to the situation as per their Perception. Somebody is Happy while somebody is Sad. Somebody is in Love while somebody is angry. We are just responding to the situation. But From Where this Perception get created?


Hindu believes this Perception gets created from our SANSKARAS. But from where this SANSKARAS came from? SANSKARAS built from our SOUL’s experience. Basically, HINDU Philosophy believes in RE-BIRTH. Our SOUL takes BIRTH after BIRTH to get all the experience of our life. There is a PURPOSE in taking Birth. Soul has to go through on particular Path to get the experience. Since we don’t ever try to list to our true self, our soul does not get all the experience in a single life. The question is, How can we come to know what is the purpose of our SOUL or in other words we can ask What is the purpose of my this BIRTH. Hindu Sages has found this Answer through VEDIC JYOTISH. YES….Using Vedic Jyotish one can come to know the purpose of their soul. Not only this, Vedic Jyotish can help you in finding your True Potential. In a hard time, it will give you hope because you will come to know a good time is coming. It will tell you the upcoming time is challenging so that you can prepare in advance. Astrology is not just a fortune-telling but recognition of your free will.

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