Your numerology report reveals the blueprint of what your soul has pre-chosen to accomplish in this life. One of the benefits of this numerology report is that it can reveal your destiny and life purpose and the life lessons you’ll face along the way, which is valuable information if you want to make the most of your journey. Knowing yourself is the key.




Pythagorean Numerology is a very popular method of Numerology and very widely used in the modern era as well as the western world. Numbers appeared in your Date of Birth & Name provides unique information about your life.

It also tells you about current as well as upcoming time. The Number calculated using this method will help you to know yourself in a better way and knowing self is the key to success.


Chaldean Numerology is the oldest form of Numerology and it is related to astrology. Each number appears in your date of birth has some significance and it reveals important information about your life. This part will provide you with all the number associated with your date of birth, birth month, birth year, sun sign etc. You will also get two years of analysis as per your date of birth.


In This Exclusive Numerology Report you Can Get Name Analysis, Health Analysis As Per Ayurveda, Relationship Analysis, Important age & year, Lucky dates, Days, Colors and Many More In Your Numerology Report As Per Your Birth Date and Name.




Numerology Learning Course

Make a difference in Your's & Other's life!

Course begins date: Within 24 hours after payment

Course duration: 18 session

Course Fee: Rs 11,800/-

                  : USD $200

Study Material: Available

Support: 2 months support over email/Webinar



If you are a beginner or want to use Numerology in your daily life to enhance your lifestyle. THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. This book provides step by step approach in a conversation way to learn/implement Numerology that can be used to enhance our daily life.


  1. A step by step approach to learning Numerology in a simple way from basics to next level.

  2. Learn Science behind Numbers.

  3. Calculation of all important numbers & its meaning.

  4. Learn how to use Numerology in your day to day life to enhance your life.

  5. All the details you need to learn Numerology as a beginner.


Numerology Report

Ready to Download

Numerology Report is designed as a Blueprint of your Life. Get Your Free Report today.


Rs 299/-

USD $5.99

Horoscope Report

1 day

100 + Page pdf report with all the correct calculation and Prediction.


Rs 199/-

USD $5

Astrology Consulting

2-3 days

Do you question related to Your Life like Education, career, Marriage, Love, Travel etc? 

We have an answer for You!


Rs 600/-

USD $10




A step by step approach to learning Numerology, Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, spirituality with Free Articles n Videos.





Ready to Download

A step by step approach to learning Numerology.


Rs 359/-

USD $5.99

Astrology Videos


Watch and learn Astrology with Free Videos.




Do you have Questions about your Career, Money, Love, Marriage, Relationships, Progeny, Education, Property, Vehicle, Health, Foreign Travel, Litigation etc?

We've Answer for you!




Ask me a question!

What People Say about their Experience

Absolutely excellent consultation, and superb value for money! After watching several of the Astro Basic YouTube videos, I was so impressed with Jayant's deep knowledge of Jyotish, psychological wisdom and insight, warm personality, and skillful presentation of information in the videos, that I scheduled an Option 2 consultation. Jayant's life-long study of Vedanta brings a special depth of insight to his chart analyses that I have never experienced, even with other Jyotish astrologers.  He is a born teacher, and after I complete this online course - which I just began, but can already say is excellent - I will be scheduling further sessions with him. Meanwhile, I shall be eagerly awaiting every new video.  Thank you again, Jayant.  

Sumant Kumar Jha

Co-founder of Your Health Key

This individual is knowledgeable beyond any other Vedic astrologer I've consulted with thus far and I've dealt with more than one. Much of what is taught on youtube and an online period is flat out wrong and now that I've learned of these miscalculations everything makes so much more sense in my chart. Everything he told me was accurate and I mean EVERYTHING, It was as if he knew me personally for years LOL. Really I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Jayant Kumar to anyone as he is the REAL DEAL and I barely say that about anyone. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IF YOU WANT REAL AUTHENTIC ACCURATE VEDIC ASTROLOGY!!!!! 


Carlos Jermaine Collier

       North Carolina, USA

This guy is really good in this field. Very methodical in his approach. You can take his services and believe me he will not disappoint you.He is just superb.


RajKumar Gaurav

Bangalore, India

Jayant is genuine and a kind confidante. His assessment of the horoscope is spot on and to my surprise his" ask a question'' was so close to what was happening around in my life without even sharing my details. He certainly has very good understanding of the science. And of course,his intention is to help and guide others and thus he stands out in today's ruthless commercial world. Thanks Jayant!


New Delhi, India

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